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2nd SATurday is NOW accepting students to take full-length practice tests for the ISEE, SSAT, STAAR, HSPT, SAT Subject Tests.

Do you know where you stand with the SAT or ACT test?  Firat Education’s 2nd SATurday program administers full-length SAT and/or ACT tests on the second Saturday of every month for FREE.

Take advantage of this opportunity today and sign up to take a complimentary SAT/ACT test!

Why sign up?

  • It will be excellent practice for those who either have never taken the SAT or ACT tests or are re-taking them.
  • It is a great way to evaluate your overall performance and test taking skills
  • It will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • You will gain the experience of being exposed to the structure of a standardized test taking environment
  • Your full-length practice test will be graded by Firat Education for free, and the scores will be sent to you via email
  • It is stress-free and FREE!

for an upcoming 2018 2nd SATurday session!  FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

  • MARCH 10
  • APRIL 14
  • MAY 12
  • JUNE 9
  • JULY 14
  • AUGUST 11
  • OCTOBER 13
Please note our rules and regulations regarding attending our 2nd SATurday:
1.  A non-Firat Education Client can only attend ONE (1) 2nd SATurday.
2.  We ask that if you need to cancel or change the date of your 2nd SATurday practice test, please call or email us 48 hours in advance of the test.
3.  If you register for 2nd SATurday, and your son or daughter does not show up or cancels within 48hours of the test, you will no longer be able to register for another 2nd SATurday.
4.  After the test, Firat Education will send you the scores via email within two weeks.
5.  There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to use ANY Firat Education services before or after your 2nd SATurday practice test.
6.  If you schedule an Educational Assessment and Roadmap after your test, the scores will be analyzed and included as part of your personalized roadmap to educational success.

Taking a practice test is the perfect step towards a winning success.  Sign up for a 2nd SATurday session now as limited seating is available.

Our 2nd Saturdays are hosted at the Firat Education Office located at 3701 W. Alabama St., Ste. 390, Houston, TX  77027.

2nd SATurday Step-by-Step Process:

1.  Please fill out the form below.
2.  You will receive an email within 48 hours confirming the receipt of your registration form.  Please note that your spot is still NOT FULLY BOOKED at this step.
3.  On the Wednesday prior to the 2nd SATurday, you will receive a kind reminder email asking you to CONFIRM, by Thursday at 4pm, that your son will or will not be at the 2nd SATurday.
4.  Please respond by Thursday at 4pm to CONFIRM attendance to 2nd SATurday.  After you send that email, your spot IS BOOKED, and a test will be prepared for your son or daughter.
5.  Please arrive on the 2nd SATurday at 8:45am to check in.

For more information, please contact us at info@firateducation.com.  Here is the registration form:

Click Here to Register