1. How does FES match the right coach or academic coach with me and my student?
During your Educational Assessment with the FES President, Ibrahim C. Firat,  Mr. Firat will assign you the right academic professionals based on your discussion, specific needs, and expectations.

2. What happens if I (we) am not satisfied with the assigned coach?
FES President, Ibrahim C. Firat, and your assigned coach will be regularly monitoring your coaching session progress.  If, for any reason, you would like to switch your assigned coach, please contact us at 281-740-0590 or ibrahim@firateducation.com.

3. What grade levels does FES work with?
FES prides itself to have the ability, skills, and the resources to coach students of all ages, beginning from kindergarten up to adult education, including Elementary, Middle, High School, College, and Graduate School levels.

4. How frequent are the coaching sessions, and how long are they?
Coaching session frequency is dependent on the package that you select upon your registration with FES. Most coaching sessions occur at least once a week for one hour.  More frequency or longer hour(s) per session might be requested. FES is serving your needs at your convenience.

5. How much does it cost to receive FES services, and how do I (we) get billed?
FES provides educational services in three areas: 1) Academic Coaching, 2) Test Preparation, and 3) College Counseling.  Each area has its own pricing schedule. Please refer to the area in which you are interested. All FES products are prepaid with your preferred payment method.  Please visit our Billing page for details.

6. Why does not FES offer single hourly coaching sessions?
FES does not provide single hourly (pay-as-you-go) coaching. Our success is attributed to the creation and healthy capitalization on the relationships we have with our clients. We believe that healthy relationships and mutual satisfaction create the success our clients attain in their academic careers. Single hourly coaching sessions do not support this cause, and would create dissatisfaction on both the client and the company ends.

7. Where do FES coaching sessions take place?
Your FES assigned coach will meet you or your student at the convenient location you pick, whether it is your dining table at your house or a neutral location like a coffee house or a library.

8. Do I (we) need to purchase any study materials and/or resources for the coaching sessions?
All FES Academic coaching is based on student’s textbooks, notes, and school curriculum. If any additional books and/or study guides required for academic coaching, FES will provide such materials FREE of charge.  All FES Test Preparation is based on study materials and resources that are pre-approved by FES, and provided to you FREE of charge.

9. How do I (we) monitor progress of the coaching sessions?
All FES coaches are required to submit their session reports within 24 hours of each session to myFES.  All parties, including parents, students, FES coaches, and FES owners, have access to the myFES system to view the reports.