Convenience at your fingertips
MyFES is designed as a convenient tool to managing your FES account,providing you with the best educational and customer service.

My FES conveniently allows you to:

  • Track your child’s progress
  • Schedule sessions
  • View upcoming sessions
  • Track your FES packages and hours
  • Purchase new packages



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MyFES makes it easier for you!



MyFES allows you to monitor the progress of your sessions. From the date, time, and duration of your child’s sessions to viewing all the progress reports, you can easily track how your child is doing and what he/she has been working on with the coaches. It is important to us that we keep you up-to-date and informed, thus, myFES allows you to have control of your child’s progress.


With the scheduling system on myFES, you can now schedule sessions without having to go back and forth with contacting your coaches. Our FES coaches have their available coaching schedules posted, so all you have to do is simply select the times and sessions you want scheduled.

We also understand everyone has busy schedules and unexpected changes may occur. This is why myFES allows you to reschedule and cancel scheduled sessions with just one click. Upon cancellation, your coach(s) will be immediately notified; therefore, there is no need to email, call, text, or leave voicemail messages. MyFES allows everyone to be on the same page with regards to scheduling without the hassle and inconvenience of waiting.



MyFES provides quick and easy access to view and track your child’s scheduled sessions. MyFES allows you to have the option of either viewing upcoming sessions daily or weekly. This makes managing your and your family’s schedules easier, more convenient, and efficient.



Now with myFES, you can easily track your FES packages and hours. MyFES updates your FES packages in real-time. You can track how, when, and how often your hours are used. This feature also allows you to stay on top of how many hours are left in your child’s packages as well as how many hours have been used per day, week, month, and even since your very first day with FES. With myFES, you won’t ever have to wonder how many hours are left in your FES packages again!



Need to buy or renew an FES package? You can now conveniently purchase FES packages through myFES without any delays. The process is simple, secure, easy, and fast. MyFES also allows you to keep track of all your previous purchases, so you can keep track of every transaction.