Whether you are a parent of an early childhood and/or elementary student, a middle schooler preparing for high school, a high school student looking to get into the college or university of your dreams, or a college student targeting a professional degree, Firat Educational Solutions can help you find your full range of educational possibilities! Your FREE guide to crucial academic information is here!


For Parents

Parent-Teacher Conferences

What do I ask during parent/teacher conferences?   The more prepared you are for your parent/teacher conference, the more productive it will be.  We’ve put together a list of questions to get you started.  Print it out, and bring it with you to take notes.

Print-Ready Parent/Teacher Conference Guide

What do I do after the parent-teacher conferences to follow-up?  After the conference, it’s always a good idea to recap your notes in an email to the teacher.  Listing areas in need of improvement, steps that will happen at school and at home, and confirm the check-in date.  Putting everything in an email to your teacher can ensure a team effort and clear plan moving forward to help your child grow.

High School Students

Is there an admissions application that is generally accepted by a number of colleges and/or universities??
Yes. The Common Application for Undergraduate College Admissions is accepted by more than 400 colleges and universities across the United States.  We can help you succeed in the Common Application college essays!  Click here for more information and registration on the Common Application.?

Which college admissions test is right for me?
We can help you determine whether the SAT and/or the ACT is the right test for you.  Generally speaking, the SAT is a more difficult exam in terms of the knowledge material it tests; the ACT, on the other hand, is a more difficult exam in terms of time management or pacing. All FES coaching packages are designed to begin with in-depth analysis with diagnosis test(s) and continuous instructions of strategies with practice test(s) at the end. Register for your FES Educational Assessment and Roadmap session now!?

Is it true that re-taking the SAT or the ACT will improve my scores?
Yes, but up to a certain point. On average, more than 50% of test takers who retake the test(s) score higher than their first try. After taking the test(s) twice, only more than 20% of test takers score higher on their third try. Every student has an optimum point in which retaking the test(s) will begin not to have a significant impact on the scores.   ?

Is it true that my SAT or ACT scores are more important than my High School GPA and/or other factors affecting my college admission??
No. Your standardized test scores such as those from the SAT or ACT are only one of the many factors that college admissions counselors consider in the decision process. In fact, your High School GPA is as important, if not more, as your standardized test scores.  In addition, your social activities, interests, and more importantly, what you will contribute to the college or university to which you are applying might be considered more heavily depending on the school you are targeting. ?

High school students: If you have more questions regarding college admissions and/or college test preparation, please contact us.


College Students

When is the right time to begin taking graduate level standardized exams??
As soon as you decide what professional degree you will pursue in graduate school. Junior year in college is most preferred as you will have accumulated enough college credits to cope with the level of difficulty on the test(s). Most of these graduate level standardized exams’ scores are valid for 5 years, and you can submit your scores to any graduate school as long as they are not expired.?

How do I know which exam I will have to take??
The program to which you are applying will have information on which test is required and/or which one is optional. In some cases, schools might require multiple test scores submitted. As a general guideline, most business schools will require GMAT; liberal arts schools will require GRE; law schools will require LSAT; and medical schools will require MCAT.?

Is it true that re-taking the graduate level standardized exams will hurt my admission chances??
Unfortunately yes. Unlike undergraduate admissions tests, graduate admissions exams are almost completely computerized, and scores are submitted electronically to the schools you select at the beginning of each test. Retaking and submitting scores more than once–whether or not they show improvement–are considered as a negative sign by the admissions. We can help you get through these tests with one try! Contact us today!