Preparing for college should start early on.  The college admissions process has been becoming more and more competitive.  Thus, merely high GPA and good test scores are not sufficient to ensure acceptance into the top college and universities.

There is a right college or university match for you.  This is why we will thoroughly assess you, and based on your academic history, needs, personality, interests, and academic strengths, we will match you with the most appropriate school, assist you through the intricate application processes, and make sure you get accepted.

The college admissions process should be taken seriously due to the delicate and time-sensitive nature of this process.  Timing and preparation are the main keys to success!  Therefore, we always advise our parents to consider adopting our College Counseling program at an early stage (i.e. during Sophomore & Junior year in high school—for college entry).

With adequate time and preparation, our College Counseling Program will help you fine tune your academic resume, polish your interviewing skills, and perfect your application essays so you have a competitive advantage against the other college applicants.

You will be personally working with FES’s very own President Ibrahim Firat during the College Counseling Program.  With his professional expertise and knowledge of the application & selection processes as well as the secrets and strategies of college admissions, he will help you find the right school through every step of the way.
Your FES College Counselor will:

  • Fully assess your student to identify: Personal traits, career matches, academic strengths, learning skills & styles
  • Prepare an individually custom-tailored college preparation plan & academic curriculum to achieve your desired results
  • Provide personalized college counseling and advising services
  • Guide and help you with every step of the college application process, including college essay preparation, resume building, interviews, and campus visits
  • Become your Mentor, or Advisor, available personally or via telephone, E-mail, instant message, or text message.
You are not in Houston?  Not even in the United States? Not a problem!  We can work with you on most of our services via Skype®! Please click here for more information!


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College and Career Counseling Assessment

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