FES on Skype®


You are not in Houston?  Not even in the United States?  No problem!  We can work with you on some of our services via Skype®!

  1. Schedule your FES Educational Assessment and Roadmap first to identify your needs and expectations from our program(s).  Let us create your personalized roadmap to educational success.  This session may take place on Skype®.
  2. If you do not have an account with Skype®, please visit www.skype.com and create an account for FREE. Make sure to note down your username and password.
  3. Download the latest Skype® application on your Mac®, PC, tablet, and/or smartphone.

Further instructions and guides will be made available to you once you sign up!

Want to talk to us about FES on Skype® right now?  Please click on the link below to call us right now or leave us message!  Otherwise, you can reach us here!

For optimum learning experience and performance, please make sure:

1) Your computer and internet connection are reliable to conduct the online session.

2) You have a webcam, headset, speaker and/or microphone combination available.

3) You conduct the session in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

4) You have all the necessary study materials present with you before the session starts.

5) You have electronic versions of study materials that will be discussed in the session available for possible file exchange through Skype®


Terms of Service & Disclaimers

– FES on Skype® is available for all FES services, including Academic Coaching, Test Prep, College Counseling, and High School Admissions Counseling.

– Use of FES on Skype® is subject to the same rate schedule for the corresponding FES service selected. All active academic and/or test prep  coaching packages using FES on Skype® will result in a deduction of the total number of hours used per session while the active College Counseling clients using FES on Skype® will be charged the total number of hours used per session. 

– Use of FES on Skype® is subject to the same rescheduling and/or cancellation terms as all FES “in person” meetings, and require at least 24-hour notice for all rescheduling and/or cancellations. 

– FES on Skype® allows a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours per session, in quarterly (15 minute) increments.  Client is expected to choose the minimum hours expected when scheduling the session.  Scheduling more than necessary, even if the session is completed earlier than scheduled time, will result in a full charge of the originally scheduled duration. 

– All FES on Skype® sessions will be initiated by a call from FiratEducation at the scheduled time. The client is required to “Answer the call with video” within 15 minutes of the call initiation to avoid “Late Cancellation” or “No Show” charge.

– In the event that a scheduled FES on Skype® session is postponed and/or cancelled due to technical difficulties that the FES staff member is experiencing, the client will not be charged for that session.

– In the event that a scheduled FES on Skype® session is postponed and/or cancelled within 24-hour timeframe due to difficulties the client is experiencing, the client will be charged for the duration of the session originally scheduled.