LinkedIn® is not just for adults and professionals!  In September 2013, LinkedIn® added a feature to its platform called University Pages, and it changed the minimum age requirement from 18 to 14 in the United States.  Firat Educational Solutions would like to help your son or daughter utilize the many advantages LinkedIn® has brought to our high school students when it comes to college preparation and admissions:

  • Use LinkedIn® to show the professional side of your son or daughter.
  • Use LinkedIn® to learn more about universities of interest and connect with those alumni.
  • Be one of a handful of high school students who stand out amongst a crowd that DOES NOT utilize LinkedIn®.
  • Have a customized LinkedIn® URL to direct other professionals to learn more about your son or daughter.
  • Be rest-assured that your son or daughter reveals just enough and the right information about him or herself online to continue to meet your social media privacy needs.
  • Use LinkedIn® to highlight all of your son’s or daughter’s accomplishments, awards, volunteer work, and coursework.

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We understand parents’ concerns for their children’s privacy.  Because of this, we have listed here the default privacy settings LinkedIn® has for children under 18 years old:

Birthdate: Their birth year will be hidden to everyone except them. After they turn 18, they can choose to show this info if they’d like.

Public profile: We’ll automatically prevent their profile from appearing in public search engines such as Google and Bing.

Profile photo: Their profile photo will only be visible only to their 1st-degree connections (the people they know and with whom they connected directly).

Headline: We won’t show their professional headline to protect their privacy in search results.

Display name & location on profile: Rather than showing a teen’s first name, last name, city, and state, their profile will default to first name, last name initial, and general region. (This isn’t possible in all languages, but will be in effect for languages using Latin script — e.g., English, French, Dutch, etc.)

Partner InMail messages: These are informational and promotional messages from LinkedIn’s marketing and hiring partners. Teens won’t receive these.

Data sharing with 3rd-party applications: Even if they choose to install 3rd-party applications (which are not managed by LinkedIn®), we won’t share their information with those applications.

Advertising preferences: They won’t see ads from LinkedIn® when they’re looking at other websites.

LinkedIn® plugins on 3rd-party sites: We won’t collect information about them when they’re looking at other websites that partner with us.

Teens have the option to change their privacy settings if they’d like. However, before they do this, it’s a good idea to encourage them to learn more about managing their account settings.