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Firat Education prides itself in the rewarding results that our students have achieved. Please see below for our average improvement scores:


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

They say that being prepared is half the battle. At Firat education, we could not agree more. Firat Education prides itself on offering students the essential keys to be successful and grow as a learner. The Firat plan engages students with one-on-one support and guidance so they can excel in the areas needed for the highest possible college preparation test scores.

It is possible to get into the college of your dreams! With an exceeding competitive college admissions process, it is even more important to seek coaching in areas that will not only give you peace of mind when it comes to your academic resume but help you stand out amongst the rest. Our proven results are driven by high-quality strategized goal plans that are tailored around each student’s individual goals and needs.

At Firat Education, we identify goals, provide solutions, and achieve results. Our number of clients has continued to grow, as well as our partnership with private schools and organizations with one goal in mind, helping more students and families by providing the highest standard in educational consulting.

Our Chief Educational Consultant, Ibrahim Firat, is the only College Counselor in Houston who also specializes in test preparation and is a professional member of the IECA. IECA holds Firat Education to the highest ethical standards. Read more in our Official Statement.. “We found the common root of these students. Every single one- no matter the age- is college and career as an end goal,”  said Ibrahim “Long term, that is what all students are working towards. With this in mind, we were able to appeal to more clients, expanding our business into not just tutoring but more.”