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A Decade and Counting        Test Preparation Statistics          ISEE Stats         Firat’s 2017 ACT Average

Firat Education prides itself in the rewarding results that our students have achieved. Please see below for our average improvement scores:

Coaching Area Before Firat AFTER Firat Highest Possible Score
SAT (new) 1020 1340 1600
ACT 23 29 36
SAT II 550 740 800
Academic Subjects 78 92 100

The college admissions process has grown increasingly competitive. Flawless grades, test scores, and resume aren’t usually sufficient to get accepted into a college these days, especially if they’re Ivy League institutions. Firat Education College Counseling solutions get straight into the heart of business with pinpointing exactly when, how, and what needs to be done to successfully get accepted into college. Every student’s dream is to get accepted into his or her dream college. We understand the college application process can be painstakingly stressful with essays, applications, recommendation letters, and with even choosing which colleges to apply to.