Our experienced academic coaches are highly trained in a vast array of different school subjects ranging from kindergarten reading/enrichment all the way to Differential Calculus in College.  Please click on your grade level below to take you to the Academic Coaching page for you:

Preschool – 5th Grade Fundamentals
Preschool – 5th Grade Enrichment
Middle School
High School

Our tutors are also professionals within their field of instruction and specialize in their subjects of studies.

We are like family here at Firat Education. We don’t just coach our students. Whether it is a last minute emergency session or a long session to prepare for the exam the next day, we genuinely care and are there for you whenever you need us. Our team is flexible, and is ready to help you in any way.

All assistance will be provided to you one-on-one at the dates and times that fit the best. We will identify your strengths, needs, learning skills, styles and personality, and provide you with a cutting-edge curriculum that will yield the most desired results.