Firat Education has been conducting SAT/ACT analysis since 2010 by offering two practice tests, one SAT and one ACT, to our clients.  We are able to identify content gaps through testing analysis and the better test for students. 

We incorporated the testing analysis in our Educational Assessments in 2014, as part of our college admissions strategy.

We’ve been asked to offer our testing analysis to families as a separate service for many years, and we are excited to offer this to you now in 2020.

How does the Testing Analysis work?

  1. You purchase the Testing Analysis service by filling out the form to the right.

  2. We send you TWO practice tests, one ACT and one SAT, or just ONE test (whichever is selected), with proctoring instructions to take at home.

  3. You email the scanned bubble answer sheet(s) back to Firat Education per the instructions.
  4. We analyze the test(s) down to the specific content levels you need to work on to increase your scores and send you the report.
  5. If you purchase two tests for $125, we tell you which of the two tests is better for you.

So why start with testing analysis?  At Firat Education, we don’t like to prep for tests that are not a good fit for our students.  We want to prep our students for the right test.  We also don’t spend as much time tutoring in content areas that are students’ strengths.  We  tutor them mostly in their weaker, gap areas.  This moves their score in the most efficient and effective way possible.  We’ve been using practice testing analysis as part of Firat’s strategy for 10 years, and we look forward to bringing this strategy to you.

If you are interested in aligning your testing analysis to a test prep and college admissions strategy, please register for an Educational Assessment.  The Testing Analysis service is included the Educational Assessment, and it’s the most effective start to your college planning strategy.