Transforming Remote Learning into Independent Learning

I usually leave the blog posting to the education experts at Firat Education, but I felt compelled to write one about remote learning. Ibrahim and I have a rising 3rd grader. Our seven year old, like all other students across […]

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How Do I Reopen the School Year on a Good Footing for My Child?

I think we were all hopeful that the 2020-21 school year would begin like previous years with the COVID-19 virus behind us.  Well, our hopes have been thwarted.  You can certainly give yourself permission to experience some disappointment and even […]

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College Applications Have Changed: Why You Need an Essay Coach More Than Ever

Covid-19 has greatly impacted the world of college admissions. College visits were postponed, spring activities were cancelled, and many teens have been unable to take the SAT or ACT.  When admissions season starts this fall, applications will be dissimilar from those of previous […]

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F.A.F.S.A. – Why is it important?

F-A-F-S-A. The five-letter “F” word that high school seniors around the country inquire about, what is it?! Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Why is it important…keep reading!  The FAFSA is, as indicated in its title, an application – a […]

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7 Thoughtful Questions to Ask an Admissions Counselor

Every year, thousands of admissions counselors from universities across the country travel to connect with interested students. Each admissions counselor has the same goal in mind: to convince these students that their school is the best in an effort to […]

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Summer 2020: How to be Productive After Original Summer Plans Were Cancelled

As a college admissions consultant, students come to me for advice quite often. COVID-19 bombarded the world with strong feelings of unease and unpredictability. Consequently, the future of higher education is a topic of concern. The big question – what […]

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How the invisible enemy will wreck college admissions and reset it (for the better)

The week before Thanksgiving 2019, I was presenting to a group of parents of college-bound high schoolers who were extremely nervous about the whole “college admissions game.” Game? What game? They were particularly concerned about their child going to a […]

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SAT & ACT cancellations: What do they mean & what’s next for high school students?

As we all have forcefully embarked on an unknown journey with our daily lives over the last week due to COVID-19, our children’s lives have been disrupted just as forcefully, causing an emotional rollercoaster of events with domino effects.  Two […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on College Admissions

How is the Coronavirus impacting college admissions and higher education? Here are some tips from Firat Education in light of Inside HigherEd‘s article: If you’re a high school senior: DECISIONS DELAYED — Some of your college application decisions MAY BE delayed, […]

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