ACT of Kindness Bookdrive


Every year there are thousands of high school juniors and seniors who do not have access to test prep materials...

…It is likely many of those students will not even attempt to take one of these tests, thus losing some opportunity to go to a four-year college.

Firat Education collect gently used or new ACT, SAT, SAT Subject, PSAT, and AP prep books from our communities and turns around and donates them to organizations and schools with students who need them.

This initiative was started by our CEO Josephine Firat and Chief Educational Consultant Ibrahim Firat in 2014 and was featured on Fox 26.

In 2018, one of Firat Education’s students Sarita took the lead to expand the program even further.   Sarita has now graduated Firat has expanded nationally, we look forward to reaching more students now than ever!


Firat Education will keep our communities informed on the various organizations and schools who will will receive the donations.  As of right now, we are collecting books only.  If you are an organization or school who would like to receive donated books, please contact us at

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