How Does Campus Safety Factor Into Your School Choice?


How Does Campus Safety Factor Into Your School Choice?

Do you know what your school’s policy is in an emergency? Do you ask this question when looking at potential schools?

All schools have safety guidelines they follow. For example, every school has instructions on what to do in emergencies such as a fire, tornado, and earthquakes. But after tragedies like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and most recently Marjory Stoneman Douglas, schools are starting to integrate drills for what to do if there’s a shooting in progress.

The conversation’s changing. It’s not just about guns in schools, but it’s also about the shooters themselves. What programs does you school have in place to help these individuals?

Are your school counselors active in their students day to day lives? Are they easy to talk to?

More and more schools are adopting a zero tolerance bullying policy. This not only helps bring down gun violence, but it also helps students with suicidal thoughts.

While schools have added anti-bullying policies to their student handbooks, these problems can continue to grow and evolve. For example, cyber-bullying has been highlighted lately and has become the “new” way to bully. Social media continues to grow among new generations. Schools and even laws are having to be reformed in order to adapt to this new age of technology.

Contact your schools. These are some standard questions to think about and ask.

More and more schools have officers on duty to help keep their schools secure. Each school is different and has different concerns so be sure to think of those unique, but applicable questions.