Higher Scores
for Cape Henlopen HS Students

The ACT is about content knowledge, strategy and speed.  Taking a practice ACT test is one of the best ways to make sure all three are aligned and prepares you for the Official ACT!

Our FREE practice test provides you a score report with scores in all four sections, composite score, and analysis of content areas. Any high schooler who may want to find out their baseline score, measure their current progress, or prepare for an upcoming official test should take Firat Education’s practice test.  Your score will not be reported to ACT.org or any other institution.


Here’s how practice testing works:

1.) Register on this page for the FREE Practice ACT that will be held on April 22, from 2pm-5:15pm, at Cape Henlopen High School

2.) The week prior to the test, you will be emailed detailed instructions.

3.) Students arrive at Cape Henlopen High School at 1:45pm on Saturday, April 22 to take the practice test.  Students will only need to bring water and a graphing calculator.

5.) We email you your score by May 1.

6) If you are curious about your results, or would like us to compare this practice ACT test to your PSAT score to determine if the ACT or SAT is best for you, please reach out to leslie@firateducation.com.