When it comes to college preparedness, you can never really start the process too soon. Whether it’s studying for the SAT/ACT or preparing for the college admissions process, college counselors can bridge the gap to many unanswered questions you may have.

Typically, students seek college counseling during their junior and senior year of high school, these are considered the critical years for preparedness. Our team supports and empowers students on the path to educational growth by giving them the guidance and confidence to navigate goals and the tools needed to get there. The college education process shouldn’t be taken lightly and timing is everything.

As higher education becomes even more competitive, our Chief Educational Consultant, Ibrahim Firat, has this in mind and takes a systematic approach to develop a plan when it comes to your college endeavors so you will stand out amongst the rest. You will be personally working with Firat Education’s very own Chief Educational Consultant and College Counselor Ibrahim Firat during the College Counseling Program. With his professional expertise and knowledge of the application & selection processes, as well as the secrets and strategies of college admissions, Ibrahim Firat will help you navigate the right fit school for you every step of the way.

Part of the counseling efforts include finding areas you might be struggling with as a student and finding the right tools, such as tutoring, to help you achieve goals. Ensuring your scores are on the uptick will only improve your odds of being admitted to the college of your dreams. We are here to help you before the pen even hits the paper by offering test preparation, assisting with your academic strengths and helping you become a more confident learning by noting areas of weakness and making the proper adjustments along the way. College should be an exciting time, not overwhelming; we are here to help you along the way whether it’s questions about tuition, crafting the perfect admissions essay, campus life, sports, and everything in between. Your goals become our goals and we can’t wait to watch your dreams come true.