#CollegePrepChat digs into college essays

August 13, 2014 – 10:05pm

#CollegePrepChat opened with a simple question today:

FIRAT Education (@FIRATeducation)
8/13/14, 9:00 PM
What is it about the #college #essays that trouble you and how do you cope with it? #CollegePrepChat #HighSchool #seniors #CommonApp

We were delighted to hear responses from counselors, teachers, and professors who discussed their tactics in helping their students. Some of them asked follow up questions, too! The main message was that unlike other essays which require outlining and then writing, college essays should start with the writing and then editing – skip the outlining in order not to sacrifice creativity. https://www.firateducation.com/fes/collegeprepchat-digs-into-college-essays/

In the chat, @commonapp, @accepted, @ceoglam were mentioned.

We look forward to seeing you next Wed at 9pm CST!