#CollegePrepChat discusses importance of literacy for higher education

#CollegePrepChat was delighted to host Melissa Williams, children’s author and founder of Read3Zero, as our guest for this week’s topic: Importance of literacy at an early age for higher education.

Melissa Williams along with a non-profit out of Washington DC, GlobalFund4Children, participated very actively.  We have had inputs from involved parents who have been reading and writing with their infants as early as they were born. Clearly, literacy starts at an early age, and needs to be followed through in school and beyond.  Balance of life is critical for all kids who is pre-school and school age. https://www.firateducation.com/fes/collegeprepchat-literacy/Parent involvement to “act” on the stories helps kids develop motor and processing skills. And multiple reports shared during the chat show direct correlation between early childhood literacy and future success in school, college admissions, and attainment of a good job as adults.

This was by far the best #CollegePrepChat yet! The time flew by, and everyone wanted more! We may come back to this topic some time soon! In the meantime, continue to join us every Wed at 9p CST! If you have any ideas for a future topic, please contact us, and we will consider!

Once again, THANK YOU to my dear friend and colleague Melissa Williams for making #CollegePrepChat such a huge success tonight! Hope to see you soon again!