@CommonApp gets the love from #CollegePrepChat!

AUGUST 6, 2014, 10:10PM CST

We have just completed our #CollegePrepChat for this week! The topic was the Common Application because the new 2014-15 year version was released on August 1 for the incoming seniors! While we did not see interaction from @CommonApp itself, we have seen responses from counselors and teachers from the Houston area as well as UK who chimed in. Recommendation was that essays must be prioritized and the application must be started as early as possible, if not the first day, August 1! Counselors from FES have mentioned that colleges can track the date a Common App profile has been created, implying that interest in a particular college can be demonstrated by the date the profile was created.

Another successful interaction by all participants, especially those who were mentioned during the chat, THANK YOU: @Forbes, @HoustonTxDotGov, @eeHour, @jonyprofit, @USATodayCollege, @TurkishEmbassy, @NorwayUS, and of course, @CommonApp. See you next week!