Founded in 2008, Firat Education continues to grow and evolve when it comes to providing the highest standard in educational counseling. Our consultants have helped over 2,000 students through the college admissions process and visited over 500 college campuses combined.  The professional experts at Firat Education believe students who begin the process earlier oftentimes have the best outcomes in terms of college admissions, test preparedness, tutoring, and confidence. That is why we made the Educational Assessment process as simple as possible.

Unlike others, Firat starts with the end goal in mind and works backwards. Finding the perfect lower level or high school fit is the vital first step to meeting your end goal – the BEST fit college and career of your child’s dreams.  After assessing your goals, we develop a personalized academic strategy to meet those goals. Whether in elementary, middle, or high school, we have academic solutions to meet your child’s every need.

Simply fill out the form below with as much information you have. We want your child to reach his or her goals, so the more information we can obtain, the better.

  1. If you are interested in Standardized Test Prep, we will contact you to schedule a practice test. We start the test preparation tutoring with a diagnostic test.
  2. A representative from Firat will contact you (via your requested contact method) to schedule an Educational Assessment.
  3. After the Educational Assessment, we will discuss your educational goals and how we can help you achieve them!