FAFSA, Scholarships, and Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

College application deadlines have come and gone, but the waiting game has begun. But do not use this time to sit around staring at your mailbox all day. Find a coffee shop and continue being productive by doing these three things.


Complete Your Fafsa Application

Funds are available on a first come-first serve basis! More money will be available to your financial aid package the sooner you submit. Do not wait until the deadline to submit this application. It’s important you complete it accurately and on time.


It’s Scholarship Hunting Season

Continue applying for different scholarships! Have you researched local scholarships as well as national? Your high school guidance counselor will most likely have a list of local scholarships. Apply to every single one you are eligible for.


Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

In today’s world, social media is a force. A simple click is all that is needed to start something- a conversation, a discussion, a debate. Employers are terminating staff members due to vulgar social media posts in some instances. This past year, Harvard rejected ten incoming freshman due to offensive facebook posts. Colleges are starting to pay more and more attention to applicant’s social media… and quite frankly, they should be.

Anything and everything you share can be criticized. It’s important to follow Firat’s Do’s and Don’ts so that your social media has a positive impact on your college application.


DO make sure you have a professional profile picture. This is your social media’s first impression. Having something inappropriate can definitely get you off on the wrong foot.

DO clean up your social media. Look back and edit, unfriend, and delete.

DO create a LinkedIn account. Having a platform where you can connect with other professionals shows maturity and professionalism.



DO NOT use slang/acronyms. Using improper grammar makes you look unprofessional.

DO NOT post about politics.The current political climate is divided and extremely controversial. Appear neutral online as you do not want someone with different viewpoint being biased against your application.

DO NOT have anything disruptive on your profile. Any illegal activity could be grounds for automatic disqualification.


If you pace yourself and complete these tasks, your acceptance letter may be waiting for you in the mail!