February: College Prep Checklist

Welcome to our second month of our college prep checklist! February is not all about hearts and love and chocolates. It’s also about focusing and making sure you continue the initiatives you started in the new year.

Follow our February College Prep Checklist to keep you consistent and follow up on last month’s important points:


  1. Have you taken an SAT or ACT Test for practice yet? We recommend taking the official test twice in your junior year and guess what… Here at Firat Education, we offer a FREE SAT/ACT to anyone. Our next 2nd SATurday is on February 10th. Register online here.


  1. If you have taken a practice test, compare your score with your potential college options’ requirements. See where you measure up. Contact Us: 713-842-1048 if you need help increasing your scores.


  1. Sort out any last minute details for your spring break college visits.


  1. Choose teachers for letters of recommendations.


  1. Remember: SAT test dates include March 10th, May 5th, and June 2nd. ACT test dates include February 10th and April 14th.


Following our checklists will give you an edge when you start applying later this year. Follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) in order to see more blog posts, reminders, study tips, and more!