April 27, 2023 | Houston, TX

Firat Education, a leading global education company, is proud to announce that its Chief Educational Consultant Ibrahim Firat is one of the 1,962 agents in the world who has passed the new FIFA licensing exam and is now a licensed FIFA agent. Holding its first-ever licensing exam globally, FIFA received 6,586 applications worldwide, 3,800 of whom took the test, and 52% passed, making Ibrahim’s success all the more impressive.

“Ibrahim’s dedication to his students was the driving force behind his decision to sit for the exam,” said Josephine Firat, CEO of Firat Education. “Ibrahim already advises competitive high school soccer players on the college admissions path; with the FIFA agent’s license, he can now advise them for the professional path.”

Passing the FIFA exam is compulsory by October 2023 for all agents who received their licenses after 2015, and the test is administered only twice a year, with the next sitting in September. The new FIFA licensing exam is designed to regulate the football agent industry and is a key step towards improving transparency, fairness, and integrity in football.

“Firat Education remains committed to providing exceptional services to our clients, and Ibrahim’s new license reflects our commitment to that,” said Josephine.

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