Firat Aligns All Services To Empower Students

Applying for college can be an equally exciting and nerve-wracking time especially when you consider all the details that go into planning. From college admission test scores and essays to career planning and choosing the right college, it can be overwhelming for parents and students alike. Finding a team that supports and empowers students can be essential during this process.

Firat EducationFirat Education provides elite support services and recommends students seek college and career counseling during their junior and senior year of high school as these are considered the critical years for preparedness. Our Chief Educational Consultant, Ibrahim Firat, is fully versed in the competitive dynamic of college admissions and takes a systematic approach to develop a plan to help you stand out in your college endeavors. With his professional expertise and knowledge of the application and selection processes, as well as the secrets and strategies of college admissions, Ibrahim Firat will help you navigate the right fit in career choice and education with a variety of tools, including our optional College and Career Assessment. Just a few of the many areas of expertise he will guide you in include:

Firat EducationFirat Education offers a College and Career Assessment which includes a three-session assessment of personality, interests, skills, and abilities, in order to identify the most fitting careers, college majors and up to 30 colleges based on size, location, academics, and extracurriculars that are the best fit for the student.

Our College Counseling Program and College Career Assessment aligns all services to not only assist you in meeting your goals but surpassing them altogether. We assess areas you might be struggling with as a student and find the right tools, such as tutoring, to help you achieve your goals. Ensuring your scores are on the rise improves your odds of being admitted to the college of your dreams. Before your pen even hits the paper we are here to help by offering test preparation, assisting with your academic strengths and helping you become a more confident learner by noting areas of weakness and making the proper adjustments along the way. College should be an exciting time, not overwhelming; we are here to help you throughout the entire process with your questions regarding tuition, crafting the perfect admissions essay, campus life, sports, and everything in between.

Firat Education has been proudly serving the Greater Houston area for over 10-years and is committed to helping you achieve your desired academic goals. Our primary goal is to provide exceptional educational service and the finest, most elite quality care for our clients. Schedule your Educational Assessment today and let us show you how we can help you achieve your goals and obtain your desired results by creating your personalized roadmap to educational success.