Firat Flashback: Marielle in 2015


Marielle is another one of Firat Education’s shining stars.

In 2015, she worked one-on-one with Ibrahim to find the best fit school for her personality and interests. Our College and Career Assessment analyzes and deduces which schools around the country are best suited for you.

It provides a list of potential majors and programs and their perspective schools. Our assessment of Marielle showed she’d enjoy a city environment on the west coast. Marielle liked the possibility of studying at USC. She followed Ibrahim’s plan and worked on improving her ACT score.

Currently, Marielle is in her junior year at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles She is majoring in Business Administration and recently completed an internship with Binder Dijker Otte, working with their Management Advisory Services Team.

She’s excited to graduate next spring and remembers how she “studied for [her] AP US History exams with Ibrahim, and they would get distracted and continue talking about the topics because they both enjoyed the subject so much.”

Marielle truly believes “Firat Education granted [her] the opportunity to attend an amazing university” which makes us feel truly special. Marielle continued by stating that she “genuinely felt like everyone there believed in [her] and wanted [her] to succeed.”