Firat Flashback: Ryan in 2009


For our 10 year anniversary, we highlighted 10 student’s accomplishments and asked about the impact Firat Education had on them. 

Ryan was one of the first students at Firat Education in 2009. When he was at Firat Education, Ryan showed his intelligence and willingness to learn and grow.

He came to Firat Education specifically to help get him prepared to take the SAT/ACT. Ryan labeled himself as a “bad test taker,” which many of students classify themselves as. Ryan proved to be extremely smart but needed help with test taking strategies and time management.

Practice makes perfect, and as Ryan continued to practice his test taking, he became more comfortable with the tests and his scores continued to increase.

Ryan graduated from University of Georgetown in 2014 with a major in Finance, minoring in Economics and took a number of classes in Computer Science.

After graduation, Ryan moved to San Francisco and began working at Uber Elevate. Ryan adds, “Basically, we’re building out a network of flying cars to move people around the city much faster to avoid massively congested areas.”

Ryan believes Firat Education helped him most with his test preparation and helped mold a “new mental framework for the SAT.”

Since it was early in the Firat days, Ibrahim tutored Ryan in all subjects and “helped him break it down into its core components.”

“I far exceeded my own expectations. By unlocking the test, he set me on the path to where I am today. I’ll always be grateful for that.”

It’s amazing to help these students meet their college and career goals, but it is extremely rewarding to hear they exceeded their own expectations.