Five Techniques to Reduce Stress this Summer



Last week, we wrote about the importance of using summer break to your advantage by volunteering in your community and improving your academic resume.

But one thing we want to highlight is to make sure you find ways to de-stress and relax. Allow your mind and body to rest. It is summer BREAK, after all.

Each person has different ways to reduce stress. For example, while one may enjoy having a lazy day on the couch, another may participate in retail therapy at the mall.

Firat Education consists of academic consultants, marketing professionals, office assistants, and college counselors.

We surveyed our office and found…

Five Techniques to Reduce Stress this Summer

Our Marketing Assistant, David, believes in the importance of meditation, yoga, and overall quiet time. David can find quiet time at almost any time during the day if he feels stressed and meditates once a week in the morning.

Ibrahim Firat, President and co-founder of Firat Education, loves to exercise. Whether it’s lifting weights or playing soccer, exercise has been proven to relieve stress by producing endorphins(chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers).

Bryan, one of our verbal academic consultants, believes in the power of reading. Diving into the literary world eases tense muscles and can lower your heart rate. Bryan recently finished and enjoyed Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong and There, There by Tommy Orange.

Mishele handles our social media and loves to take her dog to different dog parks and brunch spots in the Houston area.

Our mathematics and science academic consultant, Selv, meal preps for the week in order to relax. Selv enjoys and appreciates the process of cooking and prevents any unnecessary spending on fast food and restaurants.


We encourage you to try one of the techniques above if you’re feeling stressed.

What are some of the ways you reduce stress? Let us know!