Higher Scores for Hastings Students

The ACT and SAT are about content knowledge, strategy and speed.  Taking a practice test is one of the best ways to make sure all three are aligned.  At Firat Education, we don’t want students to waste time prepping for a test that’s not a good fit! Practice tests help students determine which test is better for them.

Our score report provides the composite score only, without diving deeper into the student’s analytical content gaps.  Following the practice test, students can purchase our testing analysis option for a nominal fee to gain a better understanding of where they should focus their test prep efforts.

Here’s how practice testing works:

1.) Register to Sign Up for a FREE Practice Test (you decide which practice test you’d like to take).

2.) We email you a printable pdf version of the test with proctoring instructions to take at home, or you can join one of our virtual proctoring sessions.

3.) You email the scanned bubble answer sheet(s) back to Firat Education per the instructions.

4.) We send you your score!

5.)  If you’re curious about your results, we can analyze the test(s) down to the specific content levels you need to work on to increase your scores and send you the report.  See testing analysis for more information.