How Community Service Looks on Your Academic Resume


We are less than 2 months out before the school year starts. It’s important that students take an appropriate time to rest from their studies and enjoy some of the summer fun; however, it’s also important that students use this free time to add to their academic resumes.

A student’s academic resume is an important component to their college applications. It contains the student’s GPA, class rank, leadership experiences, extracurriculars, and more.

Students can utilize the summer to add volunteer and community service experience to their resume.

The importance of volunteer work depends on the school, yes, but volunteer work can never hurt one’s academic pursuits. Not only does service work build character, but it also distinguishes you from others in the pack, especially if your volunteer work aligns with your academic interests.

If you’re reading this blog and are not sure where to volunteer, here are a few suggestions where you can always volunteer.







Volunteering is extremely rewarding and beneficial to one’s sense of self. No matter the organization, volunteers are needed and appreciated.

Be safe and help others this summer.