How Firat Education Can Assist in Selecting the Best School for Your Child

Whether your child is starting Kindergarten or college, most parents are looking for a school that will create a fulfilling educational experience for your child. But how do you pick the best school for your child? What options do you have? What questions should you ask and what should you know? Firat Education can answer your questions and help you with the questions that you do not even know to ask.

The Greater Houston Area has specialized programs that will enable you to send your son or daughter to attend public schools in which you are not zoned. Firat Education can help you apply to these programs and eliminate the need to move into a more preferable school district. There are also a variety of private schools in the Greater Houston area which can make choosing the right education for your son or daughter’s needs quite the task.

Choosing the right high school is a process that should start as early as the completion of your son or daughter’s seventh-grade year. Firat Education will work with your son or daughter to gather their strengths and make sure that you apply to the schools that are a perfect fit for your child and family. Furthermore, Firat Education will assist with the application process and can help prepare your child for any standardized tests required to apply.

Meet with Houstonia Magazine‘s Dream Catcher Ibrahim Firat to help discover, select and apply to the high school that will most benefit your child. You will be personally working with Firat Education’s Chief Educational Consultant, Co-founder and Author of The Firat Guide, Ibrahim Firat, during the high school admissions counseling process. With his professional expertise and knowledge of the application & selection processes for private schools in the Greater Houston Area, he will help you every step of the way on the path to finding the right school.

Ibrahim Firat has personally met with private school Admissions Counselors in the Greater Houston Area, including Duchesne, Strake Jesuit, Lutheran High North, Lutheran High South, Fort Bend Christian Academy, Houston Christian Academy, St. Agnes Academy, St. Thomas High School and many more.

Selecting a school for your child, no matter what his or her age is a very important task, and it sets the course for his or her future.  Firat Education can assist you in identifying, preparing, and applying to the schools that are the best fit for your child and family. Learn more on our website or call (713) 871-1048, Extension 1.