How to Get Organized Before School Starts

It’s August!

Summer is coming to an end, and we all know what that means… school.

Whether it’s your child’s first day of school or your child’s last first day, school is school, and it requires similar things.

There’s of course the essentials such as school supplies shopping and uniform shopping and updating those vaccinations, but what about the things no one tells you about… the little things that fall fall through the crack.

For every student, organization is a huge factor in their academics. Remembering essay deadlines, homework assignments, test dates, projects, and extra curriculars can be a lot for teenagers.

There are numerous ways to get organized, but the two most popular ways are the old fashioned planner method and using technology to your advantage.

Buying a Planner/Organizer

Those of you who rarely use technology will most likely use the classic paper method. But there are different variations and levels of planners.

Some planners are very minimal and keep it simple. Others are much more detailed with yearly,monthly, weekly, and daily overhead views with detail sections and spare scratch paper. Some planners emphasize color coordinating to help you align your activities in groups i.e. school, family, sports, clubs, work.

Each person has a different type of organization they prefer. What may work for one person may not work for the other.

Technology and Organization

Using technology to get organized can be extremely beneficial. Almost everyone now has a smartphone and that is basically all your need. A standard iPhone comes with some apps already pre-installed such as notes, calendar, mail.

With the app store, you can choose which apps can help you stay organized. For example, there’s google calendar, supernote, todoist, google keep, and many more.

The great advantages that you have with being organized with the technology are the useful alerts/reminders you can set, having your digital planner on you at all times, and having the ability to sync your calendars with other people.

While at Firat Education, we mainly use technology to stay organized, we do use revert to paper in certain occasions. Being able to combine both methods may be the best style for you.


Again, remember organization is different for each individual. Find what works for you.