How to Prepare for a Standardized Test

It’s something that can cause countless teenagers sleepless nights and numerous days of anxiety and tension. It’s something that can take up an enormous amount of time and energy. Thinking about it can almost seem like a ticking time bomb; the closer you get to it, the more you dread it. What can cause this much stress and uncertainty? No, we are not talking about what dress to wear for the upcoming Prom (although that can cause some confusion!). Instead, we are referring to what is involved with a student preparing to take an upcoming standardized test.

No matter how old a student is, preparing for any type of testing, especially college prep standardized testing, doesn’t have to cause so much anxiety. In fact, there are plenty of tools available to make this preparation infinitely easier. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to test preparation.

Get Creative

Firat EducationFor students of all ages, there are a number of technological resources you can use to know what to expect from a standardized test. There are even some practice tests and questions you can take online. For younger students, coming up with some fun games and motivators to help reward them and motivate them can make the process of studying much less intimidating.


Know Common Test Terminology

The language used in tests is unlike any language or dialect. That’s why it’s a good idea, before taking a standardized test, to make a list of the most common words used in test instructions. Remember that telling students to read the directions isn’t enough if they can’t understand the directions.

Have Faith and Confidence

Firat Education in Houston TXAt test time, there’s nothing you can do but say, “You’re ready.” Students have a skill they need to take these tests—it’s called educated guesswork. And after years of school, and your teaching, they have some ability to do it. They just need to trust themselves.

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