How We ACTed on the ACT



Hey Everyone!

We’re doing something a little different this week. Usually, our blogs have been focused on college prep or test taking tips, but this week…. We want to brag.

Not about us… but about YOU!

We didn’t think we could be prouder of our 2017-2018 students who took the ACT this past year, but recently, we discovered something truly incredible.

A couple weeks ago- The national average for the ACT was released.



Every student begins with a practice ACT test at Firat; this helps measure the areas you need the most assistance. From there, we identify your gaps, align your goals, and provide solutions with our test prep.

Our tutors work with students one-on-one and take practice tests over time to track their improvement so that we achieve greater results across the board.

At Firat Education, we are always looking within to improve our test scores. On average, we are able to increase a student’s ACT score by 5 points. But something we looked at this year is how we measured up against the nation.


How do Firat students compare to the national average? Take a look.

Overall, we averaged 7.2 points higher!


We are able to implement our test prep by identifying goals, providing solutions, and achieving results.

This is our reasoning for bragging. Our students rock! We also want to brag about our tutors for connecting with their students and finding the most effective way of teaching them the concepts.

Connecting with students is one of the ways we are able to achieve these results. We also find our students improve on their tests when working towards a specific score.


Again, we just wanted show off how well you all did.
But there’s always room for improvement. We’re looking forward to raising those scores even more. 2018-2019 Firat Students…. Think you have what it takes?