After listening to all the chatter amongst families, teachers, and administrators, we, at Firat Education, have been thinking about how to best serve our community while building on our strengths of preparing kids – of all ages – for college and for life.

We believe that starts by teaching students independent learning with entrepreneurial skills. 

Independent learning is the ability to take charge of one’s learning, and that requires certain characteristics that also align with the characteristics of an entrepreneur.  We want to support your student, whether he or she is virtual learning or not, the following skills that will prepare him or her for the next academic level and beyond.

The independent learning program is personal, with no set curriculum, and tailored to fit your student’s specific needs and situation.  This might require a couple hours a week or a couple hours a day.  As independent learning grows, hours needed taper off.  The goal of independent learning is for your child to be able to work virtually (or in person) on his or her own… without us or YOU.

Independent Learning Support is sold in bundles of 20, 30, and 40 hours and ranges from $55-$75 per hour.  Please email to get started right away.


Proper and continuous communication with your teachers and counselors is the foundation of your success.

COVID-ERA: How will you communicate with your teachers and counselors when you can’t meet them in person?


How do you manage your time now? How should you manage your time with all the school work, homework, projects, and extra curricular activities?

COVID-ERA: With no teacher or  bell to keep you on track. How will you manage your time?


Proper and continuous communication with your teachers and counselors is the foundation of your success.

COVID-ERA: How will you communicate with your teachers and counselors when you can’t meet them in person?


Organizing your backpack, locker, and binder makes everything easier. You don’t have to waste time looking for things and not knowing when things are due.

COVID-ERA: Now everything needs to be organized in your home workspace with no teacher to check your folders or binders.


Innovative thinking allows students to learn how to use all the tools available to identify new ways of doing things.

COVID-ERA: Now is the opportunity to flex those innovative muscles, as virtual learning is something new for everyone.


Having creative problem solving skills helps students learn to solve problems (personal and inter-personal) before immediately seeking assistance.

COVID-ERA: As students explore new territory with virtual learning, more problems will arise. How will your student get through it?


The ability to adapt to change allows students to not be negatively affected by it.

COVID-ERA: All students are having to deal with some sort of change. How will you make this change a positive one?


Keeping the “big picture” in mind, students are able to focus on their “why,” whether it be a grade, career, sport…etc. The “why” provides purpose and something to work towards.

 COVID-ERA: You can focus on the downside now, or focus on the vision of where you want to be.


When students are able to have responsibility the faster they will come to the realization they are accountable for their own academic success, ultimately their future.

COVID-ERA: You needing to be take more ownership even more during virtual learning.


As students become more curious and receptive to learning, they learn more, and eventually love learning. They do this by asking more questions and seeking more answers.

COVID-ERA:  Virtual learning provides you opportunity to be curious, and learn new things.


Ultimately, students have only themselves to motivate them to achieve their educational goals. How can they learn how to do this?

COVID-ERA: Without teachers and friends around, it’s even more important to know how to motivate yourself to achieve.


Taking care of learning is important, but how do students take care of themselves and their mental health, including rest, exercise, and eating healthy.

COVID-ERA:  It’s easy to lose track of taking care of yourself while learning at home. What can you do so this doesn’t happen?