Do you just have a few questions about the college admissions process or the school placement process?  Wishing that you knew someone and could just spend 15 or 30 minutes picking his or her brain?

You can now schedule a session to pick a Firat Education’s College Admissions Consultant’s brain.  Learn more about our experienced consultants here to select one based on your needs.

Note:  The “Pick FIRAT’s Brain” service is not to be used as full college admissions consulting.  In order get get the best personalized service, please Register for an Educational Assessment.

The “Pick FIRAT’s Brain” service can only be used once per student.  We suggest that if you need more than 30 minutes, you Register for an Educational Assessment.

Please email if you have any questions about the “Pick FIRAT’s Brain” service.

After you fill out the form and submit payment below, you will receive an email with the time and date and instructions for your “Pick FIRAT’s Brain” session.