About Ibrahim 

I consider myself a family man first and a businessman second. The love I hold for my family, especially my son Joseph, constantly inspires me every day when it comes to the unique challenges of convincing parents to invest in their child’s education. Firat Education was established in 2008. Our primary focus has always been helping students, but what we transformed into was working towards the future- a common goal. My biggest accomplishment to date is the transformation Firat Education has gone through over the past ten years. What started as one-on-one tutoring with students in a public library has turned into a successful progression. We now proudly offer one-on-one customized educational consulting services such as academic coaching, test preparation, school placement, and college counseling. We have over 10 tutors who specialize in different subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, algebra, calculus, geometry, reading, grammar, verbal, and we help students learn languages as well.

At Firat Education, we identify goals, provide solutions, and achieve results! We’ve added more components to our services and are constantly looking for ways to improve our services. Throughout the years we have added the college and career assessment, specifically designed to give students who are unsure about their potential fields of study, colleges, and careers. Firat Education has partnered private schools in Houston and organizations like The Mommie Series to reach more individuals and educate the community about the importance of investing in your child’s education. As a leader, one of my goals is to improve our services at Firat Education. We’re excited to see how we perform in the future and look forward to having you with us along for the ride.







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