PSAT vs. SAT: What’s the Difference?

Many students believe the PSAT measures how they will perform on the SAT because that’s how it’s advertised. But this is not the case. The PSAT is not a good indicator of how you’ll do on the SAT. Let me explain.

While the PSAT and SAT share some similarities, the standardized tests are extremely different. The PSAT does not have an essay section, and its “writing” section is a 30 minute section of multiple choice questions on grammar.

The math sections are also very different on the tests. For example, the PSAT’s is structured differently with the most difficult questions at the end of the section whereas- the SAT has them spread out through the test causing students to use too much time on a certain question. Misusing the time provided can lead to easy mistakes and common errors. Another difference is that the PSAT is much easier, especially in the math section, than the SAT. The SAT can feature higher advanced level questions.

While the PSAT is meant to be a measurement of how you will do on the SAT, it is not accurate. Many individual’s scores fall from the PSAT due to the differences in difficulty.


If the PSAT is not a good indicator, what is?

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