After more than a year of uncertainty, parents want to know where their children stand academically.  They’re asking themselves these questions and more:

  • Is my child academically where he/she is supposed to be?
  • Did my child learn everything he/she needed to learn last year?
  • What are my child’s academic strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is my child ready for the next grade level? 
  • What are the next steps in preparing my child for the next grade level?
Because parents are asking us these questions, we’ve developed our Ready4Next Assessment Service (R4N) and we found the best educator to provide it.

Who is the consultant?

The R4N assessment will be provided by Wendy Canales.

Wendy has four years experience as Head of Lower School and Early Childhood at an independent school in Houston, where she trained and developed preschool through 4th grade students and teachers, developed curriculum, and worked with parents to ensure student social, emotional, and academic performance standards were achieved.

Prior to that she taught grades preschool through 1st grade for 19 years and special education for five years.

Wendy has 12 years experience with admissions and admissions testing for independent school early childhood through elementary school.

Wendy is certified in Early Childhood Education, pk-kinder, self-contained grades 1-8, and generic special education pk-12th grade.

What is the assessment?

The R4N is a three (3) hours in three (3) separate days program:

Day 1: Your child meets with Ms. Canales, and as they get to know one another, Ms. Canales will evaluate measures such as your child’s writing, fine motor skills, and other developmental benchmarks.

Day 2:  Your child meets with Ms. Canales for the second day, and she will assess his/her academic foundation of Math, Reading Comprehension, English/Language Arts, and Vocabulary based on his/her grade level.

Day 3:  You, the parent(s), will meet with Ms. Canales to go over the Ready4Next Assessment report that will include:

  • Content area strengths and gaps as they relate to local, state, national standards or independent school standards (if applicable)
  • A recommended short term plan to fill gaps and/or for enrichment
  • A recommended long term strategy to help meet your and your child’s educational goals
  • Any further recommended testing if applicable (cognitive, psycho-educational, neurological…etc)

The assessment was designed by Wendy Canales with elements of ERB testing, IOWA, and other achievement tests.  The assessment is not a cognitive assessment.

The cost for the Ready4Next Assessment is $1,100.

To schedule:

Call us at 713-871-1048 ext 1 or email us at to schedule your Ready4Next Assessment over three (3) days.

If you are interested in an assessment for your child in 4th grade and higher, please visit our Educational Assessment page for more and to register.