Did you know that you have options when sending your child to a private school? Did you know that independent school districts in the Greater Houston Area have specialized programs that will enable you to send your son or daughter to a public school to which you are not even zoned? Do you know how to apply to these programs? Do you know how many private schools there are in the Greater Houston Area? Which one is the best for your son or daughter’s needs? Do you know of anyone that has moved his or her home in order to send his or her daughter to a specific school?

Let us assist you with this very important decision and step in your son or daughter’s life. Choosing the right middle school is a process that should start as early as the completion of your son or daughter’s last year in lower level schooling.

Firat Educational Solutions can answer your questions and even answer the questions that you do not know to ask. We can work with your son or daughter and gather his or her strengths to make sure that the you apply to the right schools. Firat Education will assist with the application process and will also help with the preparation need for any standardized tests required to apply.

You will be personally working with our very own Chief Educational Consultant Ibrahim Firat during the school placement process. With his professional expertise and knowledge of the application and selection processes for private schools in the Greater Houston Area, he will help you find the right school through every step of the way.

Ibrahim Firat has personally met with private school Admissions Counselors in the Greater Houston Area, including Duchesne, St. Michael’s, The Regis School, and many more.