Signs When your Child May Need a Tutor

From the minute your child is born your life changes. You want the best for him or her and that includes academics. Like most things in life, everyone is unique and the approach to how we learn and retain information comes in different forms and levels. You don’t want to see your child struggle and thankfully there are resources in place to serve as a safety net to help your child succeed academically. Here at Firat Education, our academic coaches are trained in a vast array of different subjects and age groups. While every child is different, there are some consistent warning signs you should be aware of when it comes to perhaps considering a tutor beyond the classroom. Here are just a few:

Lack of Drive:

A lack of ambition or motivation shouldn’t be just brushed off as a typical teenager characteristic or trait of a strong-willed child. Your child might find it increasingly difficult to stay afloat with a subject matter and fall behind, thus the motivation to learn can lack. If you notice your child unmotivated in a subject, it can be a strong indicator that they need additional help. Consider having a candid conversation with your child to find out the root of the issue, and determine what type of tutor will be most beneficial. Firat Education prides itself on hiring coaches who specialize in their subject studies. Our team is flexible and available for a last minute emergency session or a long session to prepare for the exam the next day.

Declining Grades

This might sound obvious, but a slip in grades is a red flag that your child might be struggling. Whether it’s a sudden decline or a gradual slope downhill, grade decline is a major indicator that your child might benefit from additional coaching sessions.  Firat Education offers customized one-on-one educational coaching in the following subjects:

Lack of Confidence:

Self-esteem issues in school can be common and the source can come from different areas such as peers. If you notice your child seems to lack confidence and is struggling with self-esteem, try to get to the root of the problem. If the cause is a decline in academics, tutoring can serve as a powerful and valuable tool to overcome confidence issues. The professionals at Friat Education offer goal-orientated solutions to help your child achieve success. Get started today!

We’re here to do what your child’s school can’t do for them. We work around tricky schedules and dedicate as much time as you need. We are here to help your child succeed academically with a hands-on custom approach. Visit or call (713) 871-1048 to get started today! Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest topics and events.