Studying for College Placement Test | Firat Education

College is a major milestone and preparing for it should be an exciting time in your life. The adventures you create and the path you take to securing your career will probably hold memories that will carry you throughout your life. They say getting there is half the battle and we understand there might be some stress and anxiety that comes with preparing for college and finally getting that acceptance letter in the mail. Firat Education’s team of professionals are here to help find solutions and results that will take you to a higher level of education.

Firat Education prides itself on providing an exemplary level of preparedness when it comes to the SAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT II, Subject Tests, AP Exams, and IB Exams. We understand that students learn in different ways so we strive to bring out each student’s unique learning style through custom-tailored plans that will yield optimal results.

Whether you are looking for a tutor, help in achieving a goal, consulting, or school placement, Firat Education’s one-on-one method is utilized to provide personalized and systematic solutions. We first assess every individual through standardized diagnostic tests to identify your strengths, weaknesses, learning skills, and styles. Come see for yourself what makes
Firat Education unique and get started achieving goals with us!