As a college admissions consultant, students come to me for advice quite often. COVID-19 bombarded the world with strong feelings of unease and unpredictability. Consequently, the future of higher education is a topic of concern. The big question – what productive things can I do this summer to improve my college applications now that my original plans were cancelled?

Don’t worry, I have an answer to that question that hopefully won’t disappoint!

Because many areas of the country are not operating at full capacity, I had to be creative. I pieced together resources students need to stay productive during this pandemic, so they may stand out against others. After all, the goal of college applications is to make yours stand out amongst the thousands of others that cross the admissions representative’s desk.

I created a spreadsheet that includes a variety of opportunities students can still apply for this summer. Each experience is either free, paid, application-based, or simply requires registration. Ultimately, there’s an option for everyone in this list!

Interested in checking out the opportunities? Click here to view the spreadsheet. Each summer opportunity has a brief explanation, applicable costs and deadlines, and a direct link that takes you to the website.

Don’t forget – summer time is the perfect time to get a jump start on college essays and organize applications before school starts! Contact Firat Education to set up an Education Assessment today to get started!