Top 5 Benefits of FG5


Last week, we revealed the newly published 5th edition of The Firat Guide. We call it, FG5.

For five years, The Firat Guide for high school admissions has provided guidance for:

About FG5

FG5 asks, “are you about to make a 4-year investment or an 8-year one?” Author Ibrahim Firat believes choosing the right fit high school leads to finding the best fit college. FG5 is specifically designed to help families through the rigorous process of private high school admissions in the greater Houston area.

FG5 introduces you to private high school admissions, including the selection process, application process, and the decision phase. Each process is detailed and thorough and ties in to the step-by-step FG5 format.


About The Author

Ibrahim is the only school placement consultant in Houston who also specializes in college admissions counseling and standardized testing strategy.

If you plan to read any book or take any advice about high school admissions or placement testing, it should be from someone who is knowledgeable about college admissions. The end goal is not high school. The end goal is the placement of your child into the best fit college of his or her dreams.

Ibrahim is a professional member of IECA and NACAC.


Top 5 Benefits of FG5


  1. Information pertaining to Academics, Athletics, Social Life, College Preparedness on SIXTY schools.
  2. Timeline to private high school admissions: When to research, when to take a practice test, when to apply, etc.
  3. High School Entrance Exams and their respective test preparation timelines.
  4. Firat Fit Diagrams measuring each school’s perspective fit. Use diagrams to narrow down the potential school options.
  5. A chapter detailing Firat Education’s Freshman Transition Program and how it can lead students to the right path.

You owe it to your son or daughter to read this book and explore your options before choosing a private high school. 

You can purchase FG5 here.