Value of a College Degree: Is it Worth It?


It’s 2018, and the world is changing. Education is changing.

Before, hard work and working your way up in a company was a common path for most. It allowed exposure, growth, experience, and security. However, things have changed.

How a College Degree Affects Your Resume

Now, the first thing employers look at on a resume is the level of education. Did they go to school? What degree do they have? If so, where did they obtain that particular degree?

Working your way up in a company has faded. Earning a college degree is an accomplishment that gives you a head start. When employers see a Bachelor’s degree on a resume, they see commitment, professionalism, and passion.

Degrees not only give you a competitive edge in the application process, but a college experience can also benefit you in a variety of other ways.


How The College Experience Can Help You

College gives you the chance to try new things, learn about yourself, make friendships, and experience different ideas and ways of thinking.

Colleges provide you with so many different resources. There are professional resources such as job fairs, internship opportunities, and interview and resume workshops. There are educational resources such as tutoring services, writing workshops, and events with professional speakers.

Having a college degree opens doors to many places and helps you in the long run.

How We Use Our Degrees at Firat Education

Here at Firat Education, we have many tutors and members of our administrative team who come from different backgrounds and have a variety of degrees.

Mandy, our student success director, attended University of St. Thomas and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and General Studies: Education. She’s currently in the process of applying for her Masters to study and identify learning disabilities.

One of our math and science tutors, Selvam, has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Texas. He’s been with Firat Education for over eight years and loves teaching his students and helping them get into the best schools possible.

Mari, a recent grad from Penn University, has her Bachelor of Arts in Art History. She tutors students in history, english, and reading.

Firat Education is dedicated to their clients and providing the assistance they need in order to succeed.

Why We Encourage Pursuing a Degree

Overall, a college degree is one factor that can automatically put you in the running for a position, but having little to no education can potentially disqualify you from the opportunity. Studying your passion for four years establishes who you are and what you want to do in life. College allows you to transition into adulthood at your pace, make mistakes, and plan your future.