Covid-19 has greatly impacted the world of college admissions. College visits were postponed, spring activities were cancelled, and many teens have been unable to take the SAT or ACT.  When admissions season starts this fall, applications will be dissimilar from those of previous years–and colleges will be reviewing them differently. Other aspects of the college application have gained importance, such as the college application essays. This year’s essays will weigh more in a college’s decision, as colleges strive to learn about their applicants. More than ever, an essay coach can help a teen present themselves in the strongest light possible.

A college essay is different from an essay assigned in an English class.  You can write a wonderful A+ essay comparing Romeo and Juliet to The Great Gatsby, but this may not make a great college essay.  Essays are meant to show a college who you are-how you think, feel, view the world and what you value.  It is a time to showcase talents, hopes, dreams and ambitions.  The essay is important as it is an opportunity to distinguish yourself from an applicant pool that is bright and qualified and wants the same place in the freshman class that you have your heart set on. You have 650 words (less in the supplemental essays) to show why you should be “the chosen one” and show the college how you will make their campus a better place. 

This is where a college essay coach comes in–someone to help you best highlight the areas of yourself you would like to showcase to colleges. When you hit “Submit” and send your applications off, you want to have the feeling that there is nothing more you could have done, not a word that should have been changed, not another thought that needed to be added. Let an experienced coach help you tell your story in your voice and show your best side.

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