The Firat Guide is a tool, first of its kind, to supplement the process that every family goes through when preparing to enter private school (high school, middle school, lower school, and early childhood). The Firat Guide answers those questions that run through every parent and student’s mind: Where do we start? What schools are the best? Should I send my child to the school that all his or her friends are attending? What is the value of each school? Cost vs. Benefits? How will the school we choose affect our child’s extracurricular activities? And many more…

The Firat Guide is offered in two books:



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Physical Stores:
* River Oaks Bookstore – 3270 Westheimer Rd (at River Oaks Blvd.), Houston, TX, 77098
* Firat Educational Solutions – 3701 W Alabama St Ste 390, Houston, TX 77027

The Firat Guide will help you decide which school is right for your child. The Firat Guide will also assist you in the process of choosing the schools to which you would like to apply, tips on the application process, test taking timelines for entrance exams, and how to decide which school to actually attend once accepted.


Other Resources:

As mentioned in The Firat Guide, we will do our best to keep our website updated with time sensitive information that was not available at the time of publishing.  Here are some resources for you:

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